10 Types of Footwears You should buy to build a Great Shoes Collection

A thoughtful collection of footwear enhances the style and level of walkability. However, footwear shopping is not a cakewalk, as thought by many shoe newbies. What style of shoes to purchase? What type of outfit will look best with them? How many inches of heels are too high? All these questions run on the mind of women before purchasing any shoe.

In this article, to buy slippers for women, we shall go through the ultimate footwear list to build a great shoe collection. So, continue to read for more. It is bound to help you.

10 Types Of Footwears To Enhance Your Shoes Collection


Pumps are the most flexible footwear women can ever get. There are many slippers for women, but pumps are the footwear that goes with all outfits. All you need to do is select your favorite shade.

  1. Wedges

This type of footwear uses the same material, both the sole and the heel. However, the back of the sole is thicker, making it high-heeled.

  1. Gladiators Sandals

It is a T-strap sandal with multiple straps across the front of the foot. They are very comfortable and flexible to wear. It is a lightweight sandal and is considered the best slippers for women.

  1. Ballerina Flats

Inspired by women’s soft ballet shoes, it has very thin heels, showing an appearance of no heel at all.

  1. Mary Janes

Known as bar shoes, these are designed for everyday fashion footwear. It is a closed and low-cut sandal with one strap across the instep.

  1. Oxfords

It is a kind of women’s formal shoes, suitable for casual wear. If you are thinking of purchasing classic slippers for women, opt for Oxford’s heels without giving a second thought.

  1. Mules

A combination of simplicity and comfortability is Mules. It is a shoe that has no constraint around the foot’s heel, and it creates a unique outlook to the outfit. They are available in closed and open toes as well.

  1. Fantasy

Many women are inspired by fictional characters from fairy tales and fantasy worlds. However, these kinds of footwear are only chosen by those women who want to stand out from the crowd and make a unique fashion statement.

  1. Espadrille Heels

The Espadrilles Esparto rope sole has a canvas or cotton fabric in the upper layer, and the sole is made of Espartorope, making it flexible. It is one of the most comfortable slippers for women.

  1. Platform

Platforms have thick soles ranging from 3 to 10 centimetres, with a heel significantly higher than the ball of the foot. Platform heels are not meant for clumsy women, and they are designed to give a comfortable and stylish effect to the outfit. Unfortunately, finding a platform heel high in quality and low in price tag is a bit difficult.

The Bottom Line

There are many slippers for women available in the market. However, to make a unique fashion statement and give an outstanding outlook to your outfit, make sure to select footwear that is comfortable for you too.

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