5 Unique Host/Hostess Gifts for Your Next Party

When attending a special event at a friend’s home, a host or hostess gift is a welcome surprise. It shows appreciation for the host’s time and effort in organizing the party and gives him or her a token to remember guests by when looking back at the event. Rather than settling for a typical bottle of wine or vase of flowers, consider one of the following unique host/hostess gifts.

Personalized Trinket Dishes

Trinket dishes are a fun, unexpected host gift. A custom leather catch-all for him or a personalized jewelry tray for her will surely be appreciated. Getting the trinket dish engraved or painted with a meaningful quote or the recipient’s name adds an extra-special touch.

Custom Gift Baskets

If you know the host’s interests, why not put together a special gift basket with some things he or she enjoys? A host with a green thumb might enjoy a colorful pot with seed packets and new garden gloves tucked inside, while a wine aficionado may appreciate a basket with an elegant wine stopper, an assortment of wine glass charms and a couple of pretty glasses.

Potted Plants

Think beyond ordinary bouquets. If you’re looking to give something lively and fresh, why not bring a tiny live terrarium or windowsill succulent garden? Seasonal potted plants like daffodils in spring or amaryllis in winter are also a lovely long-lasting, low-maintenance alternative to cut flowers. Hosts with an appreciation for vibrant colors and textures will surely welcome this sort of gift any time of year.

Homemade Treats

Simple as they might seem, homemade treats can be the perfect host gift. A tin of show-stopping chocolate fudge will give your host something to nibble with their last glass of wine after guests go home, or a fresh batch of muffins with some homemade jam can be enjoyed the next morning while finishing party clean-up.

Decorative Kitchenware

If you’re fairly familiar with the host’s entertaining style, an artisan mug, pretty carafe or artsy set of serving spoons are lovely gifts. As a bonus, your host will think of you every time he or she uses them, bringing back fond memories of the event for months to come.

Host/hostess gifts are the perfect way to thank friends for facilitating a fun event, but unique gifts will communicate your thanks even more powerfully. No matter how simple or elaborate, a thoughtful host or hostess gift will make your friend feel appreciated and help you both look forward to making memories together again soon.

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