7 of the Best Books You Can Read Online Chapter by Chapter

There are places all over the Internet where you can read books online. On a site like Project Gutenberg, you can peruse classics like The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. If you read these books on the Internet Archive or the Library of Congress, you’ll be able to flip through virtual versions of the physical books and admire their illustrations.

Some of the best books online that you can read are the ones that are being released chapter by chapter. Sure you can read any Charles Dickens novel you like online now, but those alive in Dickens’ time got to have the fun of reading some of his greatest books a chapter at a time and waiting to find out what happened next.

For those of you who miss the days of waiting for a new episode of your favorite show each week, here are seven of the best books you can read online chapter by chapter.

1) Haven – a lit RPG by Kate Seger

After an apocalyptic event, the lucky ones are able to escape into Haven, a virtual reality realm created to save humanity from extinction. But when Lola Lovecraft arrives in Haven, it’s not the utopia it was cracked up to be. If she wants to survive this harsh virtual world, she’ll have to track down the ghost in the machine and defeat it.

You can read this Trending lit RPG story here on Fictionate.Me.

2) Luminous by jeidafei

Peasant girl Meya Hild was born with glowing green eyes and destined for bad luck. She’s offered the chance to become a Lady at swordpoint by a gang of mercenaries and forced to become engaged to a dying nobleman who was poisoned with one month to live. She’s tasked to loot a castle in a kingdom running low on resources. Meya is led across land and overseas, from a sapphire mountain to an island shrouded in silver spiral clouds. She must contend with kidnappings, masquerades, shipwrecks, heists, alchemy, romance, and more.

You can read this fantasy adventure with 777k reads and 35.6k upvotes here on Wattpad.

3) The String Conspiracy by Candace Freilich

After her last invention caused chemical burns and thousands in damages, Jo isn’t exactly rolling in job offers. So when she hears there’s a reward for finding a missing prototype, she jumps at the opportunity. She chases leads from planet to planet and finds there’s something amiss about the trail she’s following. As tech failures take out her competition, she worries she could be next.

You can read this sci-fi adventure with 650 likes here on Kindle Vella.

4) Inheritance by RatTheBrave

Like a fairy tale princess, fairy prince Eory is locked in a tower. Unlike a fairy tale princess, he may deserve it. He comes from the corrupt Arrozan Royal Family who is known for being evil to the core. Eory is the last of the Arrozan line—the other remaining members of his family were beheaded by a human named Laurence who then seized the throne for himself, as the kingdom had originally belonged to humans. A waif named Kori, whose occupation is to reform criminals, saved Eory from being beheaded when he was six. She offered to reform Eory and he agreed on the condition that he be locked up so he couldn’t cause further harm. Now Eory’s eighteen and King Laurence has offered him his freedom if he can behave perfectly at the ball for one night.

You can read this Trending fairy fantasy here on Fictionate.Me.

5) Raven Knight by RobClark5

In the year 2309, the world is embroiled in a war against alien invaders. Jason Scharn enrolls in the United Solar Military to aid in the attempt to keep the alien invaders at bay. As the war goes on and his career soars, he wonders if the sacrifice to those close to him is necessary and whether the enemy is as evil as propaganda suggests. More friends and colleagues die around Jason and key figures begin to disappear, and more questions start to emerge. Why did the aliens attack? Did they actually start this war? Who is the true enemy really?

You can read this sci-fi action thriller with 15.3 k reads and 904 upvotes here on Wattpad.

6) Paranoid Mage by InadvisablyCompelled

Callum has been able to see monsters and beasts living amongst people his whole life but has learned not to admit it since people would just think he was crazy. When he learns that the supernatural is real, he has no interest in being part of that secret. But then it turns out he doesn’t have a choice. He’s a mage, and there are duties, requirements, and education that the powers that be insist he be subject to.

You can read this urban fantasy with 640,785 views and 12,320 followers here on Royal Road.

7) The Dagger of Darkness by Blake Stackman and Kelly Lye

A malevolent sacrifice was made to break a curse that had its hold over an entire race for eons, and as a result, plunged the world into darkness and terror and unleashed monsters and demons. Now a century later, Valan’s aging mother helps to prepare him for his coming of age. Valan tries to acquire a remedy for his sick mother and is captured by a pirate turned slave-trader. He’s taken away from everything he knows and finds the outside world to be a dark and unforgiving place. A dark primordial god and his disciples plan to open a doorway to another dimension and destroy the world and make Valan almost lose hope for humanity. But he eventually gathers friends around him who show him that there are people who will fight with him, who are worth fighting for.

You can read this Trending fantasy adventure here on Fictionate.Me.

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