A Simple Wellness And Self-Care Gift Set Guide For Moms

The season of giving is upon us, and we have a gift set guide for you! This wellness and self-care gift ideas was created with the intent to help moms give themselves a break. As our Supermom BFFs, we know how valuable self-care can be.

Self-care for moms can be quite valuable. However, taking time for ourselves and indulging in our own needs and wants is a trap we sometimes fall into. You know, that dreaded word – “I don’t have enough time.” To help support our amazing Mommas, we have created a gift guide with items to help pamper, nourish and treat yourself.

We have a variety of ideas for this gift guide, from a day at the spa to a candlelit bath or a cozy evening to treat yourself. It’s all about the little things that help us unwind and feel special.

  1. A specially curated kit from a local spa

You know, sometimes it just has to be the real deal to get the relaxation you need. So make an appointment at your local spa and ask to create a little gift basket for yourself. If you are unsure of what services to get, simply ask what is best for stress or energy.

Day spas or salons often have great gift baskets filled with products and treatments that fit your needs. If you want to make it more personalized, buy from online gift shops that curate quality self-care products.

  1. A beautiful bath

Having a beautiful bath is one of the most relaxing things you can do yourself. The more time you spend in your bath, the more comfort and self-care you will give yourself. Bath soaks are an extremely popular gift for her, so be sure to check out what is on sale. Add bubbles, and bubbles alone can be enough to relax your mind!

Some of our favorite products you may include in a gift box: oil, salts, bath bombs, and soap.

  1. A lit candle night in

Sometimes all you need is a really good book, some wine, and candles to make you feel like the real deal. Candles will transport you away from everyday life, whether you are planning a romantic night or simply want to read with your girls.

Make it blingy by buying crystal arrangements or keep it simple by filling your home with relaxing scents like lavender. If you don’t have any candles at home, many candle shops sell wonderful blends for gifts.

  1. A spa manicure & pedicure

If you’re the type that has the extra time to go to a day spa, you should absolutely put it to use! It’s funny how time flies by when we are doing things that make us feel good.

The manicure and pedicure is one of those treats you can give yourself because they are not only relaxing but will make your hands and feet look great.

  1. A facial

Your skin is one of the most important things in your life. A good facial can make you feel refreshed and amazing. You can get a really great facial at any beauty salon. There are tons of local beauty salons that offer great waxing options, makeup application, and facials for any aspect of your face.

A fast manicure (and professional pedicure) is also a great gift idea to treat yourself because it will only last for a couple of days!

  1. A new scarf

If you’re starting to feel like winter is always the last thing that will happen, then it’s time to give yourself a gift set! Scarves can be very warm and great for layering or just wearing with jeans.

  1. A water bottle

Hydrating is one of the most important things you need to make sure you do. If you aren’t a fan of water, add some fruit and leafy greens to your water for a little more flavor and sweetness.

The great thing about this gift set is that it’s something that’ll last. It doesn’t have specific treatments or products that will expire, so it can be used when you need that cool freshness on hot days and cold days!

  1. A mint tea

If you’re a tea drinker, mint tea can be a great treat for yourself. Strong mint teas have a calming effect to help you avoid unwanted stress and increase your energy level.

There are many types of teas out there, be sure to choose the one right for you! For example, mint tea is absolutely delicious when paired with chocolate or lavender.

Moms are struggling with time, but that doesn’t mean they can’t pamper themselves. A nicely wrapped gift set can be more than enough for a getaway or to pamper yourself!

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