Bow Ties You Can Wear to Work

Dressing for work can be a chore if you have or want to wear a suit, or shirt and tie every day. And if you are a fashion forward thinker, it can be even harder because you don’t just step out…you have made your office your runway! Oftentimes, this way of thinking changes how you put together your outfits and even more so when you decide to add a tie to your outfit. 

Did you know that you can also use bow ties at work? Yes!  If you’re looking to stand out at work rather than blend in, then bow ties are perfect for you. After all, isn’t the goal to work hard and stand out? And if you think bow ties are formal wear only, you are very wrong. Well, you are not exactly wrong but you are not right either. 

While typically bow ties are worn formally, they have made a significant transition to the workplace. More and more people are opting for a bow tie look versus the typical suit and tie.Not that the necktie makes a non fashion statement, but alternating it with the necktie will certainly keep people noticing you (first for the bow tie and second for the necktie).

Because typically bow ties are for formal wear, here is a list of bow ties you can wear to work:

Black Bow Tie

You can always be sure that you’ll never go wrong with a black bow tie. Since it is pretty obvious you would not wear a tuxedo to work, pairing it with a casual shirt and blazer can offset the fanciness of a black bow tie. And because the color black can pretty much be worn with everything, it makes it an easy choice when it comes to selecting a bow tie. You can wear it with a dark-colored suit or with a bright shirt to break up the contrast. 

Striped Bow Tie

Being one of the simplest and oldest designs in the bow tie family, striped bow ties are generally overlooked when it comes to being considered a catchy casual style. But the truth is, these striped bow ties can be worn with many different patterned shirts. Of course solids are a given; however, diversity in print is big nowadays.This gives striped bow ties many attractive colors to pair it with. If you have a lot of dark-colored stripes in your wardrobe, you can double it with a lighter striped bow tie.

  1. Navy Blue Bow Tie

Another color that cannot be ignored in the world of ties and bows is navy blue. Yes, I know it may seem a little plain, but it is as diverse as the black tie and can be worn with almost every casual dress shirt, blazer, or casual suit. If you prefer subtle and casual, you can pair a navy blue bow tie with different patterned shirts. Often, bow ties are criticized for making men look overdressed, but this color breaks those myths. 

  1. Plaid Bow Tie

Plaid bow ties give you specific geometric shapes and patterns on your bow tie. It is a favorite to wear because of its graded color patterns and diversity in shirts you can wear with this bow tie. The light and dark colors intermix and give a sophisticated look without being too formal. Because of its intentionally dull look, you can forget worrying about being overdressed at work.

Red and navy colored bow ties work perfectly with plaid designs. Plaid bow ties make a great combination with dark and light-colored blazers and look just as great with overcoats. If you really want to have a casual look when wearing a plaid bow tie, pair with a collared shirt and sweater vest.

  1. Polka Dots Bow Tie

Polka dots is one of the most classy patterned designs in bow ties. Unlike most other designs, this is one that you can make magic with. You may think that the pattern would be limited, but it is the other way around. Because patterns now can be blended and fashionable, you can take advantage of matching this bow tie with stripes, paisley patterns, florals, and more.

There are also various solid colors that casually go well with polka dots. Because polka dot bow ties are not restricted in the color you can buy them in black/white, navy/white, and even sea green/white polka dots.  

As you can see, bow ties can be worn in both casual and work environments, not just formal. Being able to alternate neckties and bow ties can give you the diversity you need without feeling overdressed. With a sport coat, blazer, or vest, adding a bow tie can give you the business look you seek with minimal effort. And that is something that can set you apart from a typical office look. Besides, why fit in when you were both to stand out. Wear that bow tie!

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