Check out the latest types of halo engagement rings in London

If you are planning to kneel on your knees soon, then you need to find the proper ring for your lady love first. Halo engagement diamond rings are trending these days. You can surprise her with a beautiful engagement ring from a popular brand. To buy something you have never done before, here’s a small yet detailed research that will definitely help you. So, read on.

What is the Halo Engagement Ring?

Solitaire rings belong to the classic category. If you want to give your lady something exciting and out of the box, choose a perfect halo ring for her. So, what’s halo ring mean? When a big, central gemstone is surrounded by strings of smaller gemstones or pricey metal, then the ring is called a Halo Engagement Ring.

Types of Halos:

There are generally four types of Halo settings that can be seen in modern engagement rings. If you love designing jewellery, you can design something else for her as well. The available settings are as follows;

  • Wide Halo: In case of such designs, the centre gemstone is not very big in size. The string of gemstones encircling the central stone are bigger than usual making the central stone look not so big in size. People that love simple yet elegant looks can definitely go for such designs. One can choose the base metal to be gold, rose gold, sterling silver or platinum. Customization is available in this design as well. You need to contact the jewellery designer to finalize the design for you.
  • Thin Halo: If you love to attract people to what you are wearing, this is the perfect design for you. In case of the thin halo, the centre gemstone should be very large in size. Diamonds with high carats belong to this league. The stones encircling the central diamond are smaller in size making a perfect halo for a stylish bride. If the central gemstone is colourful, then this design looks very pretty and bump on the bride. The bride can attract people’s eyes perfectly with this type of design. Lots of metal options are available with this design also. You can get customization available here as well.
  • Multiple Halo: In the case of this design, there will be multiple centre stones. Several halos will be stacked one after another here. If you love a layered pattern, this would be the perfect choice for you. In this design, you can add diamonds or other gemstones according to your choice. You can also customize dual halo or multiple halos. If you have more than two halos, you can also keep the central halo bigger in size! In such designs, you can use monochrome gemstones or multiple coloured gemstones as well.
  • Patterned Halo: If you love a pattern in your jewelleries, using multiple coloured gemstones in your engagement ring will give you a patterned look. There should be a centre stone and you can prepare a halo with different coloured gemstones encircling the centre stone to make a perfect look for your bridal outfit.

We have provided you with some ideas of designs for your engagement ring here. You can follow these ideas while you are going to buy diamond earrings for your bride. You can also go for customization as well.

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