Dance exercise that you can follow to be healthy

Dance is a form of expression, the best way to work out and do cardio. It is fun and has had many different styles since history started its record. Dance exercises are the best way to move your body and build strength. It is practised by professionals and people who like to groove.

Improvement in coordination and balance, better performance of heart and lungs, and greater flexibility are some other prime advantages of dance exercises. It helps in boosting self-confidence and improving mental health too. So, in this article, we will tell you about some dance exercises that you can follow to stay healthy. Start today for the best experience.


Barre is a warm-up that classical dancers love. Before an intense dance workout, it involves the left and right side of body movement. It is performed mainly by ballet dancers but can be helpful for dancers of any level and style. Barre helps in balancing the average waist height. Dancers who work with a Barre have an outstanding balance, excellent precision, strength, and flexibility.


A bridge is a dance exercise that focuses on strength development in the gluteus and hamstring muscles. It also improvises on the core and lengthens the spine. To practice bridge, all you have to do is lie with your back on the ground, bend your knees with your feet flat on the ground under them. Next, raise your hips, tighten your abs and buttocks. Make sure you do not submit them too high. Hold this position for 20 to 30 seconds before retrieving it back to the starting position.


Squats help dancers in building muscles all over the body. By practising squats every day, you can strengthen the core and lower muscles of the body. Lower muscles like glutes and thighs are both essential for the dancer. To practice this dance exercise, begin with putting your feet shoulder-width apart. Do not bend your body; keep your back straight. Next, lower the body into a sitting position with the chest uptight. Pressure on glutes, thighs, and abdominals will help you check whether your squats are correct or not; you can even use kettlebells for intensive exercise.

Knee Bent And Wall Stretch

This particular form of dance exercise is best for feet and ankles. It is a warm-up stretch that lengthens the lower body. Lower portions like calves, knees, feet, and ankles get strengthened while performing this exercise. All you have to do is place your toes on the wall with heels on the floor. Next, bend one knee forward to touch the wall. Repeat this exercise. If done correctly, you shall feel pressure on your calves.

The Bottom Line

By practising dance exercises, you can strengthen the lower portion of the body. Glutes, thighs, abdominals, calves, and feet all come under the count of lower body workouts, which is essential for dancers. You can stay healthy by practising and following the dance steps mentioned above.

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