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Over the past few months, everyone in the WhoWhatWearDaily office has independently fallen for Kova & T. Since their debut in late 2006, the line stealthily stole not only our hearts but nabbed many celebrity admirers as well, including Kate Moss, Rachel Bilson, and yes, the sisters Olsen.

Designed by childhood friends Daria “Dasha” Zhukova and Christina Tang, it started with a few simple pieces—a single tee, several styles of denim—that reflected their rigorously clean aesthetic. This fall they expanded Kova & T to offer sumptuous knits, sublimely designed jackets, and the runaway hit/cult obsession, Oxy Leggings (as seen on Mischa above). We shot a handful of our favorite pieces from the Fall 07 collection for today’s story, but for more looks visit Kova & T’s website.

Jecka Jacket ($264)

The houndstooth is darling (obviously), as is the herringbone version we found online. If you simply must have houndstooth right this second, we found another Kova & T jacket, this one with slightly different cut, at Sway & Cake, ($310).

Hue Corset Shorts ($220)

It takes a certain girl to dare to wear this little strapless, denim playsuit, but in the right hands and on the right body, it’s a total knockout. We have a feeling we’ll see someone wearing this and breaking hearts at Coachella next year. Get yours at House of Petro Zillia.

Alison Shorts ($208)

Featuring lovely, military-inspired gold buttons and a very high waist, these shorts are the epitome of the phrase “au courant.” They’re currently in stock at Diavolina.

Oxy Leggings ($113)

Glossy Mossy famously wore these latex-like leggings to Glastonbury this year with her ever present Ray Ban sunglasses, and naturally looked peerless, even when covered in muck. They’ve also been spotted covering the svelte gams of MK and Ashley.

Janie Vest ($250)

While we shot the herringbone version, the Janie Vest also comes in black. It’s currently available at Red Gingham.

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