Five Things You Should Never Do Before Getting a Massage

You don’t have to do anything other than relaxing and take pleasure in the experience, which is one of the most delightful elements of getting a massage. An uncomfortable muscle’s pain might be temporarily reduced by getting a massage. A massage’s benefits may endure for a while, but you’ll have to go in for another one sooner or later. This is why massage is more of a therapy than a one-time fix for a health problem. It’s made to be utilized all the time. One massage is wonderful, but getting many massages, a year is much better.

There are a few things you should avoid doing in the days preceding up to your massage treatment at the best 강남안마, in order to get the full benefits of massage therapy (stress reduction, lymphatic purification, less inflammation, improved breathing, and so on). As chosen by a panel of highly trained massage therapists, the following are the top six no-nos in the industry. Some of the results presented in this section may come as a surprise to you.

  1. Take a drink

Water is OK, however alcoholic drinks are absolutely banned on the premises. When you have a massage, your body transports toxins throughout your body, increasing the likelihood that any negative effects caused by alcohol would be exacerbated. Preferably, you should be well-hydrated rather than intoxicated before receiving a massage treatment.

  1. Take a sunbath

Despite the fact that it is impossible to avoid sunburn when on vacation, experts recommend that you spend the day before your massage out of the sun to reduce your chances of becoming burned. It is possible that sunburn will be very sensitive to touch under certain circumstances. Someone massaging your scorched skin is the last thing you want to experience.

  1. You’re feeling unwell

It is preferable to cancel your massage session if you are feeling under the weather, despite the fact that you have no control over when your immune system fails you. It is possible that while you are sick or suffering from an illness, you may spread the virus to other parts of your body. You must cancel your attendance with at least 24 hours’ notice and reschedule your appointment for a few days later when you are in a better physical state.

  1. Take care of oneself

There is no need to dress in a formal manner prior to your massage appointment. No one is interested in the way your hair looks, and even more so, no one is bothered with the way your hair appears in photographs. If you haven’t gotten a manicure in a couple of weeks, there is absolutely no need to feel uncomfortable about it!

  1. Take a shower

Taking a hot shower before your massage is not recommended, even if you have the best of intentions. Use of a hot rinse before your massage may also be useful, as it will enhance circulation and increase your chances of sweating throughout the session. It is OK, and in fact, recommended, to “shower with warm water a few hours before your appointment.” Overall, plan your vacation (or “staycation”) massage now; just be sure to keep the champagne chilled until after the massage is completed! Contact the best 강남안마.

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