How matching outfits can help you look unique?

What little girl has never dreamed of wearing the same clothes as her mom? She admires you with your pretty dresses and would give anything to be able to look like you. Have you even caught her wearing your clothes? No wonder, you are his role model. The good news is that her dream can come true with dresses that fit her! Discover printed family matching outfits.


Your daughter is your little princess, your mini-you. For her, you are her star. Choosing to match your dresses with hers is a great proof of your complicity and the love you have for her. Your daughter will feel like you, proud to look like you and to walk by your side.

To convey your fashion sense to her, nothing better than to suggest that she wear the same clothes as you. And what clothing would be more feminine than a pretty dress?

At the same time, baby girl one-piece allows her to learn to coordinate clothes, have a style that suits her and gain self-confidence. Indeed, when you wear a dress to match your daughter, you are a model of self-confidence and this confidence will be precious to her when she grows up and this, throughout her life.


The baby girl one-pieces we offer on Popopieshop are very varied. For sunny days, you will find dresses for mom and daughter very colorful with bright tones, as well as more pastel dresses with ecru colors for example. You can thus opt for a rather pep style or much more discreet if you prefer.

Do you have an occasion such as a baptism, a reception, a wedding? You will find your happiness with the matching green mother and daughter dress, or the white floral model which gives a more spring and colorful style. Besides matching your little princess, you don’t have to rack your brains to find an outfit for you and your daughter!

Sweatshirts for couples have the advantage of being soft and comfortable and can be worn in any season, all year round. Depending on the style chosen, you can wear them very well during an evening with friends accompanied by your loved one, during a couple’s walk or even at home for a cozy day for two.

The colors offered on Popopieshop are modern and based on black, gray and white. It is therefore easy to wear your couple sweatshirt on a daily basis, with jeans and sneakers for example.


The couple’s sweatshirt and printed family matching outfits can therefore be worn on any occasion, whether at home or on the go. You guessed it, it’s also a great idea for an original gift, for a couple of friends, for example, or just for your other half.

Whether it is for the simple pleasure of giving, the anniversary of your +1, your meeting anniversary, Valentine’s Day or other special day, the matching couple’s sweatshirt is an idea that is out of the ordinary and that will make pleasure to the person to whom you offer it.

Different from a simple garment, the sweatshirt for couples conveys a true message of love and complicity and will therefore be very meaningful. Surprise guaranteed!

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