Intrigued By The Saree Dress? Don’t Miss This Quick Guide!

The traditional Indian saree has been an attire of beauty, grace and elegance for centuries. In the last few decades, saree has become more common in the west, with celebs like Victoria Beckham, Pamela Anderson, and Naomi Campbell adorning different varieties. If you are interested in the saree dress, Libas e Jamila Online clothing Shop is your one-stop destination for some of the most trending designs. For anyone who is new to the saree, here is an overview of how to style it right, picking the right colors, designs and more.

What exactly is a saree?

While new variations are now available, the quintessential saree is a long piece of cloth, typically measuring nine yards, or five meters. This is the precise reason why in Asia people call the saree as ‘nine yards of elegance’. Technically, you do not ‘wear’ a saree, you ‘drape’ it. The saree must be first wrapper around the waist from one end, while the other end traditionally goes over the shoulder. The midriff is typically visible. You can team the saree with a crop top, or a conventional blouse with a front or back opening. Underneath the saree, any shapewear, or petticoat, can be worn to give the desired shape.

What are the best sarees to buy?

There is no dearth of choices in sarees. If you look for UK saree online, you will find a whole range of designs, but for those who want to pick just one or two of this traditional style, our recommendation would be something bright. Go for heavy embroidery, colors like red, pink and blue, and if you want to play more fancy, you can pick silk sarees in bright colors. Saree is an ideal pick for any occasion and festival, and you can complete the look with chunk oxidized jewelry, or traditional earrings and neckpieces. To make the saree more appealing, go for a contrast blouse, let your hair loose, and make sure that the draping is done tight, so that the shape comes out right.

Final word

The saree is not just about wearing something unique from Asia. It is more about draping yourself in an ethnic outfit that never really goes out of style. You can even go for cotton sarees that are simple and easier to wear. There is no better way of creating a statement with your outfit for the next party – Check online for sarees now!

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