Key Face Masks Mistakes You Could Be Making

If you are doing it right, using a face mask in your skin care regimen is highly beneficial. There is a range of different face masks on the market, each one is designed to address specific skin care concerns. Face masks are great for enhancing your skin care routine, they help other products work better, contributing to a more youthful appearance. If you do use a face mask, you may want to continue reading to ensure you are doing it correctly.

Skin Type > When choosing a face mask, you must take your skin type into account. Most of us choose our facial cleaner based on the type of skin we have – oily, dry, normal etc. This is the way you should be thinking about your face mask, it must be chosen in accordance to the type of skin you have. Don’t pick a face mask just because it gets rave reviews online, select one which deals with your specific skin concern. For example, if you’ve a dull complexion due to environmental factors, purchase a brightening face mask (called มาร์ค หน้า ใส in Thai) to rejuvenate your skin.

Cleansing > Many consumers think that by using a face mask there is no need to cleanse before they put it on. You shouldn’t skip cleansing before using a face mask, it is important to apply a face mask to clean, dry skin, to ensure you get the most from your mask. If you don’t clean your face, you are putting the product on a layer of dirt and bacteria, this won’t help your skin. Prior to applying the face mask, gently cleanse your face to help remove dirt, oil and any traces of makeup.

Clean Your Hands > Having clean hands is just as important as having a clean face when you apply your mask. If you don’t clean your hands, you will transfer oil from your hands onto your mask. This oil will then reach your face via your face mask. Don’t smooth on a face mask with dirty fingers, oil and debris will contaminate your mask and reach your face. The best way of applying a mask is to use a flat foundation brush, this eliminates the need for bare hands.

Customise > Although you can’t buy bespoke face masks for your skin, you can cut them to ensure they are a much better fit. Have you ever applied a sheet mask that was almost hanging off your face? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. To make it more comfortable and more effective, take a scissors and trim away loose ends. If you feel like there is any excess areas, cut them away to ensure the mask reaches every part of your face.

Many of us make skin care mistakes, but it is important to amend them if you want healthy skin. Little adjustments in your skin care routine can have a major impact on the condition of your skin. If you are making any of the mistakes mentioned in this article, change your methods and you’ll get far better results.

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