Parental Control Apps Hotlist: Give Your Child a Safe Internet Experience

We rely too much on the internet today for our entertainment, social, shopping, learning, and a host of other needs. Similarly, children spend a good chunk of their time online for a range of activities, but it gets quite worrisome for parents as the internet is riddled with age-inappropriate and unsafe content.

Since one cannot 24/7 scrutinize their children’s activities, parental control apps come to the rescue as they offer a suite of tools that keeps your child steered clear of harmful and inappropriate content along with screen time limits to curb overuse of digital devices.

If you have access to the AT&T high-speed internet, you get a free and robust parental control tool that works well with the internet service and delivers a safe internet experience to your family. AT&T parental controls help restrict internet access for chosen devices, set time limits for internet connectivity, and restrict access to pre-set websites.

If you don’t have a provider like AT&T, then don’t worry, there are any number of parental control apps in the market. However, not all of them provide foolproof content filtering and safety tools. So here is the hotlist of the best parental control apps that you should definitely give a shot.

  1. Qustodio

Qustodio app is one of the best parental control apps in the market. The app is not only compatible with Windows, but Mac, iOS, Kindle, Nook, and Android as well. Not many free apps have a comprehensive and useful set of tools, but Qustodio comes with remarkable features for free. The app allows you to set rules as per your requirements, set time limits,  block pornography, and other inappropriate content thoroughly. Moreover, in its paid version, you get SMS monitoring, social media, and per-app control features.

  1. Bit Guardian

Bit Guardian parental control app works for Android. The app is easy to set up and is quite innovative. The app is only available in the premium version but does offer a seven-day free trial before you subscribe.

The app is quite good with content filtering as it not only blocks inappropriate but perniciously addictive apps as well. Parents can also restrict access to the PlayStore and to other apps, and fix a firm bedtime schedule with its help.

Moreover, Bit Guardian allows you to devise a personalized home screen on your child’s device as you allow them access to the apps they are addicted to for a limited time. Plus, you can manage screen time for a single app or a group of apps together as per your child’s needs and schedule.

  1.   FamilyShield

This free parental control app is provided by OpenDNS, and runs at a router level so you can block domains on your whole network, not just a few devices. FamilyShield has a ready-made blocklist of domains it categorizes with headings like proxy/anonymizer, sexuality, pornography, or tasteless. The app can automatically block flagged list of domains and clean out the entire traffic running through the home network. Moreover, you can choose to run the Family Shield app on specific devices or your whole home network; all you have to do is change the DNS server numbers in the control panel.

In addition, the app contributes to enhanced DNS lookup speeds for some Internet providers. As you filter everything on the router level, all your devices on the net gain from the filtering and experience quality service. However, the initial app setup can be tricky and it is only compatible with Windows. You can subscribe to its premium version for additional options.

  1. FamiSafe

FamiSafe by Wondershare helps parents monitor apps and programs their children use, highlight frequently used apps, the amount of time they spend on the app, and even the apps they install or uninstall. Plus, you can employ a content filter to block age-inappropriate content and block websites you deem unsuitable for consumption. You can even devise a schedule and render the device incapacitated during prescribed hours.

  1. Spyzie

Spyzie monitoring app is compatible with iOS and Android. The app allows you to track your child’s location remotely, keep track of their calls, and browsing history.

In the android version, you can make use of its keylogger, screenshot capture, voice-activated recording features, and restrict usage for a certain time period. For iOS, you can remotely monitor the device and acquire its call logs, messages, contacts, WhatsApp chat, browsing history, location, notes, and voice notes data.

  1. KidLogger

If you want a detailed report on your kid’s online activities, then KidLogger offers you a thorough one. The free parental control app works with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and Blackberry, and checks every minuscule activity of your children as they interact online.

The KidsLogger app monitors keystrokes to see what the child typed and identify the program a child utilized during their time online. In addition, the app can provide audio monitoring features in the premium version to check up on your child in case they are conversing with strangers online. Plus, you can choose which features to utilize and decide the monitoring level so as to give your child some space while keeping them safe.

However, the free version only works for a single device and is not as feature-rich as the premium edition which includes monitoring and recording WhatsApp or Skype conversations, but still, the free app provides splendid parental control service.

  1. Spyrix Free Keylogger

Keyloggers aren’t associated with anything good online as hackers employ them to steal credentials and sensitive data. However, Spyrix KeyLogger is here to offer protection for children and alleviates your worry as it monitors what your kids type to keep them away from trouble.

The free app is actually just a monitoring tool and doesn’t come with a suite of parental control options such as content filtering. But tracking keys can help you identify if your child has been involved in any unpleasant activity or is being bullied online. The app has a remote monitoring feature, and also monitors clipboards and printers, but works only for Windows. And you can get the content blocking feature too in the premium version for $54.

The EndNote

It’s not easy to cultivate a safe internet experience for your child, considering the web is packed with hackers, bullies, cybercriminals, pedophiles, and opportunists. And you cannot shut your child away from something as basic as the internet even for the sake of online protection; it will only stunt their learning growth. But what you can do is actively monitor your child’s activities and restrict inappropriate content, and keep their online world clean of garbage. And these parental control apps can help you achieve that.

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