Shaved Hairstyles That Look Cute, yet Liberating On Women

Shaving your hair off might sound a bold and fantastic idea. However, reaching straight for the razor is not your answer to go beautifully with the baldness. Your bare head might make you appear edgy and tough. This is something that does not go with your overall personality. Again, girls looking sweet with shaved heads generally have a nice skull structure. Maybe this is something that you might not be blessed with. Yet again, if you are in even a little bit of dilemma or feeling shy to make it, then you might regret to see your chopped hair lying around after the shave.

You can find your solution by either half shaving or cutting off the major portion of your head with some interesting undercuts. And there are a lot of lovable options for you to choose from.

Getting Almost Bald

Keeping yourself a baldie comes with a major challenge. You have to shave it every day. You can try a barely-there hair style as an alternative. Keep your locks super short or try variations like a buzz cut or butch cut. These look super stylish, need minimal care, and also give you the option of going completely bald whenever you feel. Consider consulting a hair stylist!

Color Me Mohawk

It has been long since Mohawks were singularly attributed to the badass boys. This is a perfect summertime hairstyle that involves shaving off the sides of your head. It is like styling the hair in the middle part into Mohawk. You can either keep the natural hair color or add an edge to the look by adding some chic shades.

Curls and Shaves

If you have both the daring and thick black hair, then this is your type of undercut. Half shaved head with long curly hair is a way to exhibit the best from the two extremities. This undercut comes with two separate sections; the shorter and the longer. The line separating the section adds more to the ‘popped up’ look.

Playfully Afro

Afro girls with those bouncy corkscrew now have a way to add oomph with a hairstyle. Shave the sides of your hair neatly and let the overlying tiny curled locks jump around and play.

Shaved Down, Ponytailed Up

A flawless undercut can leave the long and silky hair on the top half intact. Play the locks in any way that you want. The hair in your nape and adjoining areas remain cleanly shaved, giving you a perfect well-experimented look.

As a variation, you can color the remaining hair. And instead of shaving off the nape area completely, go for neat, interesting undercuts with patterns like fish scale or flowers.

Pixie and Bangs

A mixture of a classic pixie and spunky element can be both edgy and elegant to look at. You can add a tiny braid just over the undercut. Alternatively, having bangs with an undercut can be surprisingly feminine as a hair style, yet no less edgy in appearance.

You need not let go off your hair completely to prove your different approach to style. Any good hairstylist like shaved hairstyles are a perfect way to balance with your emotions and desperate cry for a difference.

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