Shorts: the best suited and the most preferred item by men

Shorts are an extremely popular piece of clothing, justifiably loved by many men for their convenience and versatility. To choose your shorts, first of all, decide where and for what purpose you are going to wear them:

At home. For everyday home wear, loose shorts of almost any style and cut are suitable. If your apartment is warm – buy short light cotton shorts, if it’s cool – Capri pants or breeches made of warmer fabric will do.

On foot. In breeches or Bermuda, you can fully enjoy a walk in the park, city or forest.

Cycling. Casual cycling shorts made from stretchy synthetic fabric create the most comfortable conditions for cycling both short and long distances.

At work. Long gone are the days when shorts tacitly belonged to clothes unacceptable in the office walls: now breeches and even shorter shorts with a strict cut are present in many fashion collections of business style. They go well with a jacket, tie and shirt.

In sports training. At the gym, you can comfortably work out in short, well-ventilated shorts made from lightweight, breathable fabric.

There are shorts for different sports disciplines, taking into account the type and nature of the corresponding loads as much as possible – boxing, football, gymnastics, and so on.

On the beach. Wide, loose shorts made of quick-drying synthetic materials with ties or Velcro – ideal for surfing, as well as for simple relaxation and swimming in the pond.

What else should you consider when choosing shorts?

The size. Knowing your size, you can be sure that it will be convenient and comfortable for you to move in the purchased item.

Material type. Many factors play a role here: personal preference, season, destination, and so on.

Color. Match your casual cycling shorts to your outerwear and shoes for a stylish, cohesive look. A universal option is blue denim shorts: they will go with almost any bow, excluding the office one.

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What styles of men’s shorts are there?

Shorts are actual clothes for the summer period. Of course, a huge number of other light things are available, including trousers, jeans, pants, but only such a model will provide the maximum level of comfort.

There are many types of shorts stand out. The most fashionable styles in 2021 are:

  • Compression;
  • Bermuda shorts;
  • Classic;
  • Homemade;
  • Tight-fitting;

To choose the right option for men’s shorts, you need to pay attention to a number of details: material, design, length and color. A feature of such products is their lightness. This ensures free air circulation.

How to choose shorts for yourself?

Before buying shorts, you need to decide for what purpose you are purchasing them.

The most popular on the market are compression products. This model is well suited for athletes, because it does not restrict their movement on retro style motorcycle and lends itself well to stretching.

Bermuda shorts are well suited for everyday life, they can be worn with jackets, T-shirts, sweaters, combined with shoes, sneakers, moccasins.

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