The classiest t-shirts designs ever crafted!

T-shirts are a staple in every man’s wardrobe. No matter what the occasion might be, wearing a t-shirt is the first instinct every man lovingly follows. T-shirts are truly a man’s escape from any outfit related dilemmas and a choice of comfort in style too. This piece of clothing that constitutes more than half the clothes a man owns, may have started as a possible undergarment, but today it is the real deal for every man!

Ever since the invention of t-shirts, they have truly been a game changer for every man. But do you ever find yourself wondering “what are the classiest t-shirt designs ever crafted?”, well- here’s your guide to the classiest trends of all time!

1.   Graphic T-shirts

All through the decades graphic t-shirts have been a huge hit amongst all age groups, especially youngsters. These classic t-shirt trends are still very much popular because of the attractive graphics and meme-worthy content that peacefully graces the comfortable material of the t-shirt and makes it even more appealing.

The most popular kind of graphic t-shirts have to be the one inspired by movie and television series. Like the infamous Batman t-shirt, Ghostbuster T-shirts, the Green Lantern T-shirt, any marvel graphic t-shirt, or the amazing Nirvana Smiley T-shirt! The real reason behind their popularity is the fan following for a popular show and the factor of relatability!

2.   Floral Print T-shirts

After the classic graphic t-shirts, floral print t-shirts created a huge havoc in the t-shirt trends. Infact, it still manages to hold a very cozy spot in every man’s wardrobe. These prints are in huge appeal more specially during the summer time because they give an airy and blooming vibe. Floral print t-shirts give a man the choice to include a fancy yet comfortable piece of clothing in their wardrobe, without compromising the t-shirts all the way motto!

3.   T-shirts with a catchphrase

Believe it or not, t-shirts with a catchphrase are actually one of the greatest inventions to have rolled in the t-shirt trends. In fact, they are one of the most popular t-shirt preferences and t-shirt gift ideas too! T-shirts with catch phrases like “I Love NY”, or “Vote for Pedro” are not just popular t-shirt ideas, but they are also great souvenirs that every man owns. These t-shirts were introduced in the market as a gag gift at one point but now they are an integral part of every man’s wardrobe.

4.   Logo T-shirts

Many men don’t prefer to go all out when it comes to their t-shirts. They like to go simple and sober while choosing their t-shirt. It is because of these preferences- logo t-shirts are one of the classiest t-shirt designs ever crafted! If you check out a man’s wardrobe, the classic Adidas logo T-shirt, or a black polo from Lacoste is somewhat a must have. They don’t just keep the wardrobe simple but they also add a classy look and go with every occasion.

5.   Block colour solid T-shirts

Block colour solid T-shirts are hands down the one t-shirt design that literally every man on planet Earth can get behind! While talking about the classiest t-shirt designs ever designed, the conversation cannot end without including the solid colour t-shirt trend. They are simple yet classy and a man can style these t-shirts however he likes without having to compromise his comfort. They are not offensive to anyone but they are not bland either. Get yourself a comfortable block colour solid t-shirt from XYXXcrew and make a valuable addition to your lovely wardrobe!

6.   Neon T-shirt

One of the craziest yet classiest t-shirt trend designs to ever get introduced in the market are none other that- Neon T-shirts! These types of t-shirts were a huge hit in the 80’s but lucky enough, on popular demand they are back in vogue! From pink, orange, green, to even yellow, all neon shades are surprisingly a huge hit in men’s fashion t-shirts. Although these staples initially started as a well-liked choice by runners and group travelers, today they are a bold fashion move that no man can get enough of!

7.   Tie-dye Shirts

The last kind classy t-shirt design trend ever crafted that still leaves everyone in awe of it is of course- the fashionable tie-dye t-shirts! They are funky, they are classy, and they are super comfortable. They are not totally out of the box, but they are edgy enough to make a man stand out from the crowd. These t-shirts are a must have in every man’s wardrobe!

If T-shirts are an important part of your wardrobe too, then collect all these classic trends and complete your collection of comfort in style! Head over to XYXXcrew and buy premium quality Supima cotton t-shirts that will complete that missing piece of the puzzle for you. Explore t-shirts at XYXXcrew and bring home the real comfort!

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