The Kalsarikänni Path To Relaxation

Many will assure you that there is nothing like finishing a hard day’s work, going home, taking off your shoes, and having a beer or a glass of wine. Those days that you would kill one of your co-workers or that you’ve been putting up with one scolding after another from your boss, that moment of getting home, closing the door (and leaving that horrible day behind) and having a drink is priceless and even more so when the plan for the weekend is not to your liking, or it’s cold.  And hey, to enjoy it even more, what better than staying in your underwear while eating something or watching TV.

And in case you didn’t know, this has a name although it’s a bit hard to pronounce, it sums up the whole vibe of those moments: “Kalsarikänni” (Or “Pantsdrunk” in English), which is “drinking in your underwear.”

Kalsarikännit is a combination of two Finnish words: kalsari, meaning “underwear,” and kännit meaning “getting drunk.” And more than an activity, the new trend of the moment is a state of mind that seeks to reclaim those nights when you don’t feel like partying. Despite its complicated pronunciation, it has flown across the Internet, is frequently used on social networks, and is the ultimate word to make a person happy. If you practiced Kalsarikännit even before you knew it existed, you’re not alone.

They say that Kalsarikänni is one of the best ways to achieve a state of absolute relaxation and that it is only part of the Finnish way to accomplish a single goal: to be happy. But not without attaining peace of mind, being comfortable, and a perfect mental and personal balance.

Now, if you don’t feel like dressing up or going out, but you are cold, we suggest you wrap yourself in one of the nordic beach wraps; this kind of autumnal textiles create a comforting environment now if you add a bottle of your favorite wine (well, it doesn’t even have to be an alcoholic beverage, but … hey why not? ), a good book or a collection of series or good movies, get all the snacks you feel like eating, chips, cheese, crackers … Whatever your body asks for, without guilt, all together with the crackling of the fireplace and nordic beach wraps, we assure you that you will forget the cold and that there was even the possibility of leaving home.

Do activities that you find pleasurable; this reduces cortisol levels, stress. For example, read, draw mandalas, knit, dance in the middle of the room, bake a cake, meditate, play music, or make a playlist, enjoy a movie, series, or documentary. How about adding a hair treatment or putting on your favorite hair mask?

Either way, the point is to go from bed to couch! No, you don’t have the flu, you’re not depressed, you’re not suffering from any illness. You want to rest and spend time taking care of yourself, and that’s not only not bad, but it’s also great!

So you know, if you’ve had a rough week, feel tired, need some peace in your life, and go out for drinks or dancing, don’t wink at yourself this weekend, imitate the Finns, and pamper yourself. Instead, make the most of your Kalsarikänni, and cheers!

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