The Story Behind The Iconic Leather Flight Jacket

This leather jacket has become a timeless piece and a necessary basic to make any outfit fabulous. Whether it’s quilted, zippered, studded, or quilted, it’s always an excellent choice to have at least one in your wardrobe. It is always a perfect choice to have at least one in your closet. Every season we can see new jackets in various colors, but one of the most popular is the leather flight jacket, so if you wonder where this basic comes from, this article will interest you.

In 1917 the U.S. Army designed a garment for its pilots to keep warm from the cold at high altitudes. At that time, pilots flew in open cockpits. It was not until 1926 when a British man named Leslie Irvin designed the best-known model for being the one used by the U.S. Air Force during World War II. The B3 Bomber Jacket was born; it was specially designed for high-altitude flights that reached 60º below zero.

These jackets were made of sheep’s wool on the inside and lined with fur on the outside. They also had wide lapels with watertight closures. It was called Bomber because it was frequently used by bomber pilots, who flew at high altitudes. It was such a success that the creator, Leslie Irving, had to franchise it to supply the army and the population.

Subsequently, as not all aircraft flew at the altitude of the bombers, pilots did not require the same coat. In the 1930s, a lighter jacket was created. They changed the sheep wool lining for a cotton one and the sealskin exterior for a horse fur one because it was more practical. Its name was A-2, and it was made shorter and tighter to be doubly comfortable in small cabins. Likewise, its waist and cuffs were tightened to keep the air out.

Twelve years after its use by the troops. General Hap Arnold thought of the need for something more practical for his pilots, and it was thus that in the 1940s, the warmer jackets with light synthetic and waterproof fabrics began to be used. They would be their successors called B-15, which we know today as the typical Bomber.

The leather flight jacket is generally designed in sheepskin. The demand for this type of aviator jackets exceeded the expectations of its principal designer, so they became famous; despite changing the material of elaboration several times, the jacket never changed in terms of basic design and continuing with the same comfort and convenience. The leather flight jacket was trendy because it was specially designed for high-altitude flights reaching 60º below zero. Of course, it has a very soft and firm leather on the outside, making it a very durable jacket.

Thanks to its great popularity nowadays there are more and more models and designs that exist, giving to talk about their styles and the possibility of combining in many occasions, being perfect for cold climates, for that reason it is a highly recommended garment.

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