The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Sized Hoodies for Men

When it comes to fashion, hoodies are a man’s best friend! Hoodies or a hoodie jacket is the best thing that could have happened to the world of men’s fashion. Ever since they became a rage, hoodies have become something every man must own. The intelligent ones have many hoodies in their wardrobe.

Hoodies are a great buy because they can be worn just about anywhere. They are a great accompaniment to the gym or for a run, coupled with simple jogger track pants. They can be worn as easily, when you are out with friends, or just throughout the day. A hoodie can also make a great fashion statement on a casual date.

The best hoodies for men are not the ones that cost a lot of money, but those that fit you perfectly. And what’s that perfect fit we’re talking about here? Read on to find out.

The Perfect Sized Hoodies for Men

For a hoodie to look good, it must fit you well. The key to knowing if the hoodie works for you is to ensure that it’s not body-fitting. When considering stylish hoodies, men need to ensure it’s got a relaxed look and feel to it. That’s when you know it’s right. Here are some important points to consider when looking for the perfect hoodie jacket.

  • It’s not a tee: Hoodies are not meant to fit you as a t-shirt does. If you’re into the snug look and want to let the ripped muscles bulge, the hoodie isn’t going to do that. Instead, it will lend you a charming, laid back appeal. Many men prefer going one size up when planning a hoodie over a t-shirt. Check if that works for you. Most hoodies are meant for a particular size, and going one size up means a baggy look.
  • The perfect fit : While you will always find hoodies that have distinct sizes marked, every brand varies slightly in its measurement and presentation. Some, for instance, will have many small sizes, while others may be slim and snug. For your hoodie jacket, ensure that the size mentioned corresponds to what you are looking for. Wearing a hoodie that fits you perfectly is all that matters.
  • Check measurements: Perhaps the safest way to make sure your hoodies complement your jogger track pants and that they fit you well is to check the size guide. Almost all men’s wear advertised online has an accompanying size guide that will give you measurements you can check against. The most important parameters when considering hoodies for men, include chest measurement and length. Ensure you check these against your own before selecting a size.
  • Fabric does matter: Believe it or not, the fabric of your hoodie does count for a lot. Heavier fabrics tend to make the hoodie look bulkier. Certain materials tend to fall better and take the shape of the body. If you are seeking stylish hoodies, you need to pay attention to detail! Another important thing you need to know about fabric is that certain kinds such as cotton stand a chance of shrinking after a wash. So, a hoodie that started outfitting you perfectly may become a body-suit after the first couple of washes! Conversely, some fabrics may lose elasticity after a few washes, leaving you with a free-flowing dress instead of a hoodie!
  • Find the fine print: Not every hoodie fits the same way. However, most manufacturers will let you know what kind of fit it has. When buying hoodies for men, always look to see if it runs large, fits tight, or is true to its size. This will help you ascertain which size of the hoodie jacket will work for you.

The emphasis on comfortable clothing is growing steadily. And no clothing can prove more comfortable than a well-worn hoodie. Not only does it make for great fun and comfort, but also adds a sense of cool to your personality and style.

The good news is that hoodies just got more common. When shopping for stylish hoodies for men, men now have plenty more options to choose from. The key lies in making the right choice in quality and fit.

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