Tips for Buying Men’s Waterproof Shoe Covers Online

We buy a lot of things online. When it comes to shoes and clothing however, many of us still prefer to make purchases in person. We want to be able to try things on. We want to know the items both fit and look good. Does this apply to men’s shoe covers? That is a matter of personal preference.

Waterproof shoe covers do not come in so many exacting sizes, explains the people behind Utah-based GC Tech. Their men’s shoe covers come in medium, large, and X-large sizes, accommodating men’s shoe sizes from 8.5 to 12+. The more general sizing makes it easier to purchase a pair of shoe covers without actually trying them on first.

If you are interested in buying your next pair of two covers online, here are a few helpful tips:

Check Multiple Pairs of Shoes

First and foremost, don’t guess on your shoe size. Check multiple pairs of shoes that you wear frequently. You may notice that some are a half-size bigger or smaller than others. What you are aiming for is the average size of all your shoes. Buy your waterproof shoe covers based on that average size.

One thing to note in this regard is shoe volume. You can’t compare a size 10 pair of sneakers with a pair of size 10 dress shoes. Both fit your feet perfectly, yet the sneakers are bulkier. If you wear your sneakers more often than your dress shoes, you might be better off purchasing shoe covers to accommodate the sneakers.

Pay Attention to Materials

Not all waterproof shoe covers are made with the same materials. Some are rubber, others are silicone, and still others are soft-shell fabric. Materials make a difference. Soft-shell fabric is more expensive than rubber and silicone, but users say it is also more comfortable.

Consider Your Normal Use

Don’t forget to consider how you will normally use your shoe covers before you buy. If you are not likely to use it more than a couple of times per year for short walks downtown, a cheaper pair of rubber or silicone overshoes will probably do the trick. But if you expect to use them on a regular basis, you might want to invest in a more rugged pair.

Soft-shell fabric models with rubber soles tend to be exceptionally durable. They can stand up to daily use quite well. And unlike cheap silicone, there are few worries of tearing soft-shell fabric overshoes simply by putting them on or taking them off.

Pay Attention to the Tread

Some of your extremely cheap galoshes have virtually no tread. This is not good. Rain, snow, and ice can all create a slipping hazard for pedestrians. The last thing you need is a pair of shoe covers that offers little to no traction as you walk. We say all that to say this: pay attention to the tread. Make sure you purchase a pair of shoe covers with an anti-slip tread.

Check Out Return Policies

Buying waterproof men’s shoe covers online is fairly safe. Nonetheless, check out a company’s return policies before you buy. Your ideal seller will offer a generous return policy within reason. This is critical because you may need to return shoe covers that do not fit.

Trying before buying is not as important for shoe covers as other articles of clothing. General sizing sees to that. Therefore, you can buy shoe covers online without taking a huge risk. Just make sure you pay attention to the things mentioned in this post. You should be able to find the exact pair you are looking for.

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