What are the best subscription boxes ideas for men?

When you’re planning on how to treat the men of your life you are sometimes thinking about a perfect gift for them. Good thing is that there are subscription boxes that every man wants. It is a complete set of shaving products, drinks, food, and jewelry. These are the perfect gifts and practical ways for your man to enjoy things in life. You can have these subscription boxes and you can deliver them in front of his door.

The Bespoke Post

It is a themed subscription box that has unique items perfect for their lifestyle, home, and bar. Most of the items are focused on the male version of it. They can also choose which box they want to have every month and they can also skip when they don’t want to. The inside of the box can be personalized with any unique products at a discounted price. The cost of every box is $45 per month.

The Birchbox Grooming

When your man loves to do a self-care routine this is the perfect subscription box for him. Every month you will get to spend $10. You will get a monthly package that has 5 good grooming and items that are for men only. The items are in different categories to balance the needs of every man and there are also tips in every product on how to use them. When they want more they can also upgrade it to get an extra item every month.

The jewelry subscription box

Not only do women love to receive jewelry during their special day but also men. The Nikola Valenti is perfect for men. They have solid stainless steel, leather jewelry, and gold plated from different designers all over the world. The cost of a jewelry subscription box is around $60 to $200. And all the pieces of jewelry are picked by the subscriber based on their style.

The Dollar Shave Club

Men love to keep their faces clean and fresh. The only problem that they have is there are too many razors that are available in the market and it is expensive.  And it is hard to achieve it when you have to buy it in the store to have a new one. Good thing that there is Dollar Shave Club as you can choose from different blades which is affordable and you can have it every month.

The Bombfell

Some of your shirts are fading and you want to update your wardrobe while you’re at home. You have to update your online profile and the site. Click to find out more They have different personal stylists who can help you choose clothes that are also based on your preferences. The shipping is already free and the return of the items is easy.

The loot crate

When your man loves to collect action figures, comic books, and more there is a loot crate for it. They are delivering a complete set of tees, home goods, figures, and more. This is a surprise gift from nikola valenti that you love as every month there are new items which make you anxious about what is inside. And when you receive it every month you need to have a new space to put all of them.

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