What Kinds of Lunchbox Snacks Are There?

Whether you are looking for a snack that you can fit in your purse or you want to make sure that your child has something nutritious in his or her lunchbox, there are many reasons why you might be searching for some snacks. It should go without saying that there are many, many snacks out there to choose from but finding the right one isn’t always the easiest. Between finding something that can provide the nutrients that you need to move forward with your day and finding something that you can enjoy eating, the search for the perfect lunchbox snack isn’t always the easiest search. Thankfully, there are some companies that seek to make things easier for you.

For instance, Strings & Things focuses on offering relatively healthy lunchbox snacks that both children and adults enjoy. From the original cheese snacks that have been around for over 20 years now to some of their newer additions such as Cheeshapes or Yollies, there is something for just about everyone to enjoy. If you are searching for a lunchbox snack that your whole family can appreciate, you might want to look at what has to offer. There’s a very good chance that you will find your next ideas for a lunchbox snack.

Knowing What Is in Your Snacks

Before you can stock up on your snacks, you should first know what exactly is in them, what they can offer your body, and so on. After all, nothing good comes out of eating junk food. Out of the many lunch snacks that Strings & Things offers, you will find that there are several different snacks with each one different from the next. You will surely be able to find something that suits your family’s tastes here.

For example, the cheese snacks this company is well known for are an example of how a good lunch snack can benefit you. While they are small in size, they offer a source of Vitamin D and calcium so that your bones can be as strong as ever. This is especially important for younger children, making it an even better lunchbox snack for school. The snack itself has 61 calories in it, making it a wonderful addition to any lunch.

The newer Cheeshapes are quite similar and might even offer more fun for children than pulling apart string cheese. Instead, these cheese snacks come in various shapes. You can decide if you are more in the mood for random shapes or specific icons. Made with real cheese, these snacks also offer a source of calcium and Vitamin D for your bones. Each bag of shaped cheese has about 71 calories in it, which is still a good size for a lunchtime snack.

And finally, there are the Yollies. These snacks are a bit different than the other two with their main difference being that they are not actually made from cheese. Instead, these are yoghurt lollipops. Yoghurt still provides an excellent source of calcium, especially when it has been fortified with Vitamin D as the Yollies have. Some pickier children might prefer these as they come in a range of flavours from strawberry to chocolate. To make things better for everyone, they are not nearly as messy as a cup of yoghurt might be, making them another viable choice for your lunchtime snack.

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