Which ladies chappals are the most versatile footwear option

Out of the categories you will find in footwear, these are the easiest to wear and most versatile pieces. You get to style the ladies chappals easily with any outfit you plan to wear and also get the added comfort. One of the main reasons is because of the convenience they offer, which makes them highly desirable. The different sub-types in these chappals make them a versatile choice of footwear. Here are a few styles of chappals that you should consider buying.

Kolhapuri Chappal: These chappals are distinguished for their unique look and the toe ring strap. You will find a whole lot of variety in such ladies chappals as they nowadays are not restricted to the old traditional looks. Many brands tend to experiment with such footwear styles in order to provide you with different styles of kolhapuri chappals. These chappals are predominantly made of leather, but you also get a variety of materials that you can choose as per your comfort.

Thong Slippers: The type of ladies chappals are only suitable when worn in outdoor settings. And you get them in many different prints and colours as it helps these brands get to a larger audience. You also get some design elements added to them on the front cross strap, making them look cute and charming. These types of slippers are also known as beach slippers since they are majorly worn at the beaches, completing your vacation look. The straps of the thong slippers look very delicate, but in reality, they tend to have a strong build.

Rubber Slidders: These are trendy and perfect math for your casual look. They have a soft cushio-like sole that extends to be wrapped around the front of your foot. The rubber material used in the making has a foam-like feel to it. Another important part is that they protect your leg from muscular pain during the long walk. They come in a variety as some people choose to wear them in the house for their comfort, and some style them with their casual attire.

Clogs: Crocs has some of the best clogs in the market that people of all ages and gender love to buy. But buyers often get confused about whether these can be considered slippers or sandals. The back strap that you get on them is adjustable, and when it’s placed forward, it transforms the footwear into chappals. The best part of clogs is that even with their minimalistic look they tend to suit well for every outfit you wear.

Slip-on Wedge Chappal: Getting ladies chappals in wedge heels has been the trend that keeps circulating once in a while. And with these constantly changing fast fashion trends, you do not have to worry about going out of style as these types of footwear are timeless. So you need to focus on the look and feel of the footwear when buying it.

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