Women’s casual wear throughout history! 

If you want to trace the origin of women’s casual wear, it would be not a tough task. During the late 20th century casual wearing of women somewhere finds its base.

If casual dressing sense is to be defined, then it can be said as an attempt at the new form of gender expression. Before 1920, women tried a way out from all those uncomfortable clothes which they were wearing prior for centuries. The substitutions generally included pants, knee hem, skirts, and other lower waistlines. Otherwise, to maintain their so-called lean and beautiful figure, they were forced to wear tightly structured closets. This closet tightens the waist and retards the growth of that particular body part. But later on, during and after world war 2, women were started to be seen in casuals. When they tried to manage household work, children, earning as well as contribution in war rehabilitation.

Initially in America, a casual alteration to formal hoops and skirts was founded in form of trousers.

They often abandoned the traditional and most expensive royal kinds of stuff for their clothes. They started adapting normal loose and comfortable clothes. Till the 60s, casual wear among women gained the emphasis and was known all over the world. Women started to opt for bell-bottoms and sporting pants, so casual pants for women have become a niche in every area.

 While traveling, having an adventure, comfortable and casual clothes are undoubted, the only option should be chosen.

Later on, the upcoming polyester and nylon have added more variety to the clothing of women. They got a sense to make freedom with these synthetic fibers. For example- casual wear Capri is wrinkle-free and stretchable. So, besides being casual, the overall look was fashionable, and literally, this is no fuss apparel at its fairest.

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