Busy Ladies Guide to Surviving a Tough Work Week

Every week, you spend more than 40 hours working. Sometimes, you even need to spend extra hours to meet a quota. Because of your hectic work schedule, you end up eating the cheapest and sometimes unhealthiest food items in order to save energy and time. There are also days when you choose to skip your regular exercise session in order to finish your tasks. 

Does this sound like you? Thousands to millions of women from all around the globe empathize with your situation. On top of that, some of these ladies deal with personal responsibilities such as taking care of their kids, husbands or elderly family members. 

Take full control of the situation with the workweek survival guide for busy ladies below.

Learn to compartmentalize

It’s far easier to complete a set of tasks if you are mentally focused. That’s why it’s crucial for you to learn how to compartmentalize. Group tasks according to a certain set of criteria. For example, you can group work tasks such as compiling files and taking notes of certain data together. Both types of work don’t really require a lot of brainpower. 

Grouping each work task will help you concentrate on a specific skill set. This will help you finish things faster and more efficiently.

Prepare your things in advance

When things get crazy at work, sometimes you forget to bring along important things. There are also instances when you don’t have enough time to figure out what to wear. Save yourself from all the trouble by preparing everything a few days ahead.

For your work outfit, try to look at different modern apparel styles like modest dresses. Check your favorite social media platform for inspiration. You’ll find plenty of outfits including modest fashionable items and smart casual tops and bottoms. Use the lookbook as your guide in choosing what to wear when you go to work.

Aside from your clothes, you must also allocate a few hours to prepare the things you need to bring to the office. Start with your bag. Does it have everything you need? Pens? Notebooks? Glam kit? What about your medicine or first aid essentials? Oh, and don’t forget the files you took home with you over the weekend. 

Make sure you have enough time to rest

Overworking won’t do you anything good. The more sleep hours you miss, the grumpier, angrier and more disoriented you will feel. Dedicate a few hours of your time to resting. Take short naps in between your shift and make sure to sleep at night to regain enough energy for the next day.    

Listen to your body

Your mental and physical well-being are dependent on each other. Be ultrasensitive to the cues that your body sends to you. These may be indicators that you’re close to the tipping point. 

Some of the signs that your physical and mental health is already overwhelmed include trouble sleeping, loss of appetite, fatigue, difficulty in concentrating, and intense mood swings. You might also feel very anxious even in the absence of emotional triggers. 

You know your body more than anyone else. If you observe something abnormal, take note of it and see if it will subside or worsen. 

Cook healthy and balanced meals ahead of time

Your busy schedule should never hinder you from eating healthy. To get enough nutrition each workweek, you should consider cooking or preparing your meals in advance. Place them in microwavable food packs so you can bring them with you right after popping them inside the oven. 

There is a long list of recipes you can try each week. Some examples include couscous salad, chicken fajitas, taco bowls, and honey glazed meatballs. 

It’s tough to be a career woman. You need to face all sorts of issues each week. If you falter or fall, a lot of things will be at stake. Stay sane, productive, healthy, and mentally-focused with the advice we shared above.  

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