Take The Party By Surprise!

What kind of a party person are you? Are you the ever excited-hyped up-enthusiastic-party freak or are you an introvert-I’m only here for the food-party goer? Whichever party species you might belong to doesn’t matter, because now you have the chance to become the star of any party you attend!

You can stand out in a room full of people while also leaving a lasting impact on everybody in attendance.


With Helix collection that is customed with focused styling for every guy and girl out there. The Helix reflective collection is especially accustomed to suit your party needs and make you the center of attraction without even trying too hard. For Millenials and Gen z, this party collection with innovative attachments supported by exclusive display and marketing collateral is the greatest investment to make this party season.  Whether you are looking for watches for women or men, the reflective category will tend to your needs.

For the extroverts

You guys probably don’t need help in making friends at a party and coming up with topics to talk about. Your new Helix watch will perfectly complement your personality and attract all the attention towards you. While at the dance floor or by the food and drinks, you’ll be easily approachable by all those people dying to talk to you!

For the introverts

Good news to all of you. The pressure of breaking the ice when you meet new people is off you now. You don’t need to overthink and struggle to find subjects to make small talks anymore. Just wear the Helix reflective watch and do not be surprised to see a lot new gazes at you. You can buy these wrist watches online  and be the star of the net party that you attend. What’s better than being the coolest person in the room without even interacting with people! It’s a dream come true.

  • The party collection comes with a reflective material which shines when exposed to a light source, making it the coolest style for the party.
  • The watch also has leather attachments and/or genuine neon color strap keepers to suit any of your party outfit.
  • 9 SKUs for guys and girls prices between INR 1,695/- TO INR 1,995/-
  • The collection has four 34mm round case watches, each with a different vibrant color. It is available in steel, rose gold and black plated variants. For 45mm thick case, there are 5 variants in steel, black and brown plates. With the dial’s half n half element, it easily matches the replaceable strap.

What’s even more exciting is that Helix is giving away a wireless headset free with each Helix purchase from 20th January to 20th February. Go make your life easier and eventful today!

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