7 Items You Should Bring to a Seamstress

Nowadays with fast fashion being the latest clothing trend, the idea of hiring a seamstress may not always be on your radar, however, finding a good seamstress can make your life much easier while making your clothing have a custom fit. They can also help us keep your favourite pieces modern looking and fitting properly even if your weight fluctuates a bit here and there. With a few nips and tucks or the dropping of a hem, you will be looking our best every day.

When as consumers we decide to start purchasing items we hope will last us into the future instead of something we may wear for a year or two before shipping it off to the nearest thrift store we are making a more environmentally-friendly choice.  Find a dry cleaner who can not only professionally clean your clothes but has a professional seamstress on staff as well.

Here are some clothing issues a good seamstress can help you with:

  1. Too Long Pants

Being short means buying a pair of pants and wearing them the same day is not always an option. Capri pants and ankle length jeans can be especially problematic because they fall at a weird spot on the leg. Unless a store has a petite section dress pants are another struggle as they are typically much too long. This is when I am thankful for my neighbourhood seamstress who has gotten to know me and who hems all of my pants to just the right length for me.

  1. Skirts That Fall Wrong

There is nothing more unflattering than wearing a skirt that falls completely in the wrong place making you look shorter or like it is too short. If you are short it is typically quite easy to hem a skirt so it sits perfectly at the right length. A seamstress is experienced and knows where it should land. If you are on the tall side it is often possible to let down the hem making it perfect for you. So, whether you need your skirt hemmed or let down a seamstress can do this easily.

  1. Jeans that Need Customizing

There are times when a pair of jeans fit perfectly and looks great except for the fact that the waist is too big. Take them to the seamstress and they can likely help you. Being able to have the waistband taken in can be a lifesaver especially if this problem comes up often. Jeans can be customized in other ways as well and be sure to discuss this with your seamstress. Keeping jeans for years is common and tailoring them can update them just that little to make them stylish.

  1. Broken Zippers or Missing Buttons

It may seem like a bad day when your zipper splits on your favourite jeans, jacket or dress however this does not have to be the end of the story. A missing button also doesn’t have to be a major catastrophe if you have a seamstress you can take the piece of clothing to. They will be able to replace that button and putting in a new zipper is almost always possible.

  1. Shoulders that Need Altering

Though this is one of the more expensive adjustments to be made to your wardrobe. Altering the shoulders of a coat or suit jacket that fits well everywhere else is another service a seamstress offers. For those of us who tend to have small shoulders it can be difficult to find a jacket that fits properly and having them taken in a bit is relatively easy. This gives you the option of buying a jacket that is your size except where the shoulders are concerned and customizing it to you.

  1. Fix Blouses that Gape

For women there are blouses and shirts they want to buy or wear but they find themselves showing more cleavage than they are comfortable with whether in an office environment or out-and-about. A seamstress can fix this common problem by adding a hidden snap or taking in the garment at the right place.

  1. Shorten Sleeves

Being able to have sleeves shortened can open up a whole new world when it comes to wardrobe options. If a blouse or jacket has sleeves that are too long it can actually be an easy fix and that garment you love can be yours and fit you perfectly if you just take it to an experienced seamstress.

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