Camouflage Men’s Shorts: Interesting Options and Secrets of Choice

Camouflage men’s shorts are in the wardrobe of many representatives of the strong half of humanity. This summer version of tactical military clothing creates a brutal image of a person with a strong character. That is why the military style does not lose its popularity. The article will tell you about what camouflage shorts are, how to choose them and what to wear with.

Features of the Tactical Shorts

Tactical shorts include not only models in camouflage colours, but also monochromatic products in appropriate shades (khaki, beige, grey tones). These are cargo cut models with side pockets.

However, when it comes to army clothing, most people present exactly a camouflage print.

Previously, there were few options. Traditional combinations of dark green, brown and black were used. Today the palette has become wider. Designers offer men products in white, blue, red, blue colours. The shape and size of the print vary.

Traditional cargo is certainly comfortable. They allow you to place various little things in your pockets that should be at hand. Such products are often worn when traveling out of town, where bags are inappropriate.

Chinos are among cool clothes for men which are great for city walks. They do not create a lot of volume and look neater.

Where are appropriate?

Camouflage shorts – summer wear. You can wear them for a picnic or fishing. You can go to the dacha or to the beach in such clothes. The advantage of camouflage clothing, in addition to its specific appearance, is that it is sewn from a very durable fabric. Thick linen and cotton are usually used. Some models are made of denim.

Men’s athletic pants are highly durable, which makes them an excellent choice for active pastime.

What to combine with?

Military-style shorts are best paired with jersey tees and T-shirts. It is better to choose models without flashy drawings, otherwise the prints will conflict with each other, and the image will turn out to be too colourful. A small inscription on the chest is acceptable. In cool weather, you can complement the look with a short plain jacket or a sports sweatshirt. A denim jacket will do as well.

You should not combine a camouflage wardrobe item with a shirt.

If your goal is to create a more discreet and tailored look, it is better to choose a solid colour shorts without patch pockets. They can be combined with any shirts (including plaid).

If you want to create a rough look, you can wear a dark T-shirt and heavy black combat boots. Complement them with a bottom with a traditional dark green protective print. High-top, dark brown or grey sneakers will have a similar effect.

The need to use a belt depends on the style of the shorts and the characteristics of the figure of their owner. If there is an elastic band or drawstring in the belt area of ​​the product, this accessory is not required. If belt loops are provided, a belt can be a nice addition to the look, especially if you tuck the T-shirt inside. This option is suitable for athletic, fit men. Sometimes an accessory is included with the product when purchased.

You can also use a regular black or brown leather trouser belt (when choosing, you should take into account the shade of the shorts). If a man is overweight (especially in the abdomen), you should not emphasize this with a tucked T-shirt. It is better to choose a loose-fitting model and wear it outside.

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