Tips to choose men boots that are both stylish and functional

Even at first glance, the hundreds of different varieties of men’s boots available today might easily overwhelm a prospective customer. But, with a little assistance from our guide, we’re confident that you’ll be able to choose the ideal type of boots that fits your style. You’ll find everything from casual to fancy, work tough to plush and cozy, and boots of all heights among the dozen or so styles of boots for men we’ve gathered. Following a brief history of the boot, we’ll make suggestions and specific styles that we really appreciate. So, what about we begin the feast?

Anklet Boot:

Ankle boots, which were inspired by the Chelsea boot, have the same snug and form-fitting features as their forefathers. Ankle boots, rather than elastic mesh, have a zipper or strap that will not stretch out over time; nonetheless, men with broader ankles or more muscular calves may find this less comfortable. Ankle boots are a less popular style than Chelsea boots, so finding excellent ones may need a bit more searching. Beckett Simonon boots have always been a favorite of ours, and their Easton side zip ankle boots for men are no exception.

Chukka Boots:

 According to legend, Chukka boots got their name from polo, where a single session of play is frequently referred to as a chukka. They’re an open lace boot design that may look excellent with jeans and chinos alike. They’re ankle height and most usually produced with leather uppers and rubber soles. The Greenflex chukka boot from Astor flex is fantastic. And, of course, the always-recommended Clarks Desert Boots for men is a must-have.

Boot Wingtip:

Dressed in a classy but not quite informal manner. Wingtip boots are ideal for dressing up a casual outfit or preventing a dressier outfit from seeming too formal. The elaborate craftsmanship on the boots for men’s tips draws attention to them, and they look especially lovely when polished and shined. A good pair of wingtips will cost you a lot of money, with high-quality examples starting at about $300. Velascas sciostree is frequently praised for its high quality for the price. Furthermore, if the Vibram soles wear out, they are simple to replace!

Dress Boot:

Dress boots are constructed similarly to dress shoes but are designed to protect the ankle. They are the go-to choice for formal attire. Many designs are referred to as dress boots for men these days, but the true deal is lace-up cap-toe boots with closed lacing. Elliot Balmoral boots by Beckett Simonon are a fine example of this design. In the colder months, pair them with formal trousers and sports coats or suits.

Hiking Boots:

 Perhaps the most diverse of all boots for men categories, the various style variants of hiking boots could easily fill their own page. Because many of the top-end hiking boot characteristics are aimed more towards serious hiking aficionados, we really appreciate hiking boots that can also be worn casually.


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