Top 3 Best Hair Styling Products For Men

Be it date night or a chill hangout session with your gang, a good hairstyle can instantly make you look like a million bucks! But to achieve ‘THE’ look, you need to invest in good hair styling products. Here’s where the hassle begins. Unless you are a professional, it becomes difficult to pick the right hair styling products for men. Thus, to resolve your styling woes, we have lined up three of the most loved and used hair styling products in the hair community. So, let’s have a look at each, shall we?

Hair Wax

Whether it’s the bed-head look or a classic slicked back hairstyle, hair wax can help you achieve it all! It is thicker in consistency, which offers you a medium hold and provides definition to your hair. Moreover, hair wax for men is pliable, which means you can re-touch your hairstyle whenever you like.

Best for: Straight and wavy hair.

Hair Gel

A hair gel for men is like the holy grail of hair styling products that has to be in your hair vanity. It gives a medium to strong, long-lasting hold that can be flaunted all night long! Ideally, a hair gel should be used only on those pesky hair strands that won’t settle down. You can even use hair gel on the rest of the hair but you need to be cognizant of the amount that is being applied.

Best for: Straight hair

Fibre Paste

Fibre paste takes your hair game from work to play in a matter of minutes. It is known to deliver a long-lasting hold with minimum shine. Furthermore, it helps separate your hair strands, adding volume to your hair. But you need to first work it up between your palms before applying it to your hair. Otherwise, it might clump your hair strands and leave you with flat hair.

Best for: Short to medium styles; straight hair

Which One Is Best For You?

If you want a medium to strong hold with minimum shine, then opt for a fibre paste. On the other hand, if you wish for a medium hold with little shine, then hair wax and hair gel can do the job.

All in all, you need to identify what kind of hold and shine you want. Once you figure that out, you can easily buy hair products to ace your styling game.

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